I've decided to write this book to show that big value is hidden in data. If you have a website you are probably collecting data about web traffic. But do you use this data to make business decisions?

Nowadays we are swimming in a data lake. Only if you know how to use this data you will stay on the surface :). The first step is to regularly check standard reports in your web analytics tool (i.e. Google Analytics).

But to stay competitive you need something more. Everybody talks about data collection. But only a few tell you what to do with data after collecting it. I will try to describe this process and give you some ideas how to deal with data from Google Analytics using R.

In this book I will share my experience on this field. I hope that it will be useful, interesting, sometimes funny and will help you save your time :)

Target audience

I wrote this book for marketers who worked with Google Analytics and know basic metrics included in this tool and know web interface. I hope that this material will be helpful in learning how to extend features of Google Analytics in a daily work and in learning how to use R.

If you are an analyst who perfectly knows R, I hope that you will also find some inspiration in this book. Especially, learn how to connect Google Analytyics as additional data source in R and what kind of analysis you can perform on that kind of data.

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