Data sources

In this section you can find the most popular website scenarios.

I have a website WITHOUT Google Analytics tracking

In that case please read the whole chapter. I will lead you through Google Analytics installation process and then you can start collecting data from your website.

I have a website WITH Google Analytics tracking

You can navigate directly to Getting credentials for Google Analytics chapter.

I don't have a website nor an access to Google Analytics account

If you are an analyst who knows R statistical language and want to learn about analyzing data from Google Analytics I recommend you one of the following options:

NGOs, University, friends, family

Contact a local NGOs which might want your help. Usually they have a website and some traffic on it. By installing Google Analytics and doing traffic analysis you can help those organizations and do something good for your community.

You can also join The Analytics Exchange here:

It's a community connecting web analysts and NGOs looking for help with digital analytics.

You can also contact your University, family and friends offering them your help with digital analytics.

Google Analytics demo account

Google Analytics team prepared a demo account with the dataset from Google Merchandise Store. You can access this account here:\/analytics\/answer\/6367342

About the dataset:

The data in the Google Analytics demo account is from the Google Merchandise Store, a real ecommerce store. The Google Merchandise Store sells Google-branded merchandise. The data in the account is typical of what you would see for an ecommerce website. It includes the following kinds of information:

Traffic source data: information about where website visitors originate. This includes data about organic traffic, paid search traffic, display traffic, etc.

Content data: information about the behavior of users on the site. This includes the URLs of pages that visitors look at, how they interact with content, etc.

Transactional data: information about the transactions that occur on the Google Merchandise Store website.

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