googleAnalyticsR package

To pull data from Google Analytics into R we will use googleAnalyticsR package by Mark Edmonson. This add-on enables you to use all of the features of Google Analytics, including the latest, like Google Analytics 360 or integration with Big Query.

Short list of googleAnalyticsR's features:

  • First Google Analytics Reporting v4 API library for R
  • v4 features include: dynamic calculated metrics, pivots, histograms, date comparisons, batching.
  • v4 API explorer
  • API metadata of possible metrics and dimensions
  • Multi-user login in Shiny App
  • Integration with BigQuery Google Analytics Premium\/360 exports.
  • Single authentication flow can be used with other googleAuthR apps like searchConsoleR
  • Automatic batching, sampling avoidance with daily walk, multi-account fetching, multi-channel funnnel
  • Support for googleAuthR batch. For big data calls this could be 10x quicker than normal GA fetching.
  • Meta data in attributes of returned dataframe including date ranges, totals, min and max

You can read the docs of this package visiting Mark's website:

or check the docs on CRAN repository:

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